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Warranty Claims

To submit a warranty claim, follow the step-by-step process we have created below.

1. Read Install Guide

The majority of the claims that we receive, believe it or not, are usually a missed step during install or some other instructions that were over looked. Please re-read the install guide for you rproduct to be sure there is nothing else you can do to solve this problem

Most of our products include Install Guides on the individual product page. To find your Install Guide type your part number into the search box below.

Yes, I have Read My Install Guide.
2. Read Warranty FAQs

Jeep People is proud to carry hundreds of products from a variety of different brands. Warranty information is usually found in the product descriptions, however each of our vendors has a different warranty per product and these can often be found on the vendors website.

We are happy to help you in the event of needing to submit a warranty claim, but first please review our Warranty FAQs so you can fully understand the process and what to expect before, during, and after the claim has been submitted.

Warranty FAQs
Yes, I have read the Warranty FAQs.
3. Provide Information

Fill out the below form with your original order number, a brief explanation of the issue, the name of the shop that installed the components, and any photos of the issue.

The more information you can provide, the faster we can help resolve your warranty claims.

4. Verify & Submit

After you submit your claim below there are a few things that can happen. Please review and confirm that you understand the following procedure.


Claim Review: JeepPeople will review and approve your cliam Reviews Claim & Sends Approved Claims to Vendor


JeepPeople to Vendor: Once approved we will send your claim to the vendor including the information that you provided to us.


Vendor Response: Once the vendor receives the JeepPeople claim the vendor will issue a response (typically within 48 hours).


JeepPeople Action: If the claim is approved by the vendor we will ship out a replacement part. (typically takes 4-5 days to get to you).

Yes, I understand the process after I submit my claim.